I. Strike Training

Repeated training of individual strikes or combinations thereof is a cornerstone of development of fighting skill and power in Yin Style Bagua.

II. Forms (Changing) Training

Forms training will primarily allow the student to explore technique changes combined with various body movement and stepping. Forms training builds on the foundation laid by the training of individual strikes (i.e. the 24 foundational strikes and individual training of strikes taken out of the forms).

III. Circle Walking Training

The training of circle walking is integral to Yin Style Bagua. It is the thread that binds all of the other practice methods together. Philosophically, it provides a “round” counterbalance to the “square” of striking. It develops the strength and health of the body, and is also paramount to effective fighting application. As you strike the opponent with power generated by the moving, twisting and turning of your body, the turning round is also used to simultaneously remove his force.

III. Strengthening Posture Training

The strengthening postures of Yin Style Bagua allow the practitioner to develop muscular strength and “internal strength” i.e. improved organ function and circulation of blood and qi through isometric tension, deep breathing, and twisting of the body.

Training these postures will also develop a foundation for strike training and circle walking, as each of the attack methods and turning postures has a corresponding standing strengthening posture. One of the key strong points of this type of developmental training is that it requires no equipment and can be done in a very small, confined space.

IV. Weapons Training

Weapons in Bagua are unique in that they are considered an extension of Bagua's empty hand techniques, rather than seen as a separate system, as is the case with many styles. Use of the large saber is a specialty of the Bagua school. Its training can help practitioners to develop full body strength, coordination and endurance.

V. Fighting Application Training

Applications training in Yin Style Bagua are a means to support and reinforce usage concepts integral to all of the training methods. Putting the techniques to use will help to strengthen the mind-body connection that is vital to proper training. It will also serve as a check to highlight mistakes the practitioner may be making with footwork, body movement, intent, or accuracy of technique.